As well as selling jewellery, Roger Russell offers a wide range of services including jewellery repairs, ring sizing, cleaning and polishing.
We can check the metal claws on rings which may have worn out over time and re-tip them if necessary in order to secure the precious stones in place. If you have unfortunately lost a stone we are able to supply and set missing stones and pride ourselves in our stone matching service to ensure a high quality jewellery repair.

White gold items which have, over time, become dull and scratched can be re-rhodium plated in order to restore their brilliant white shine. Broken chains can be repaired, knotted chains can be unknotted  and broken catches replaced. For those find it difficult to fasten necklaces and bracelets we can fit larger or magnetic catches to your jewellery.

Pearl and bead necklaces and bracelets can be restrung by our expert re-stringer on either silk (knotted or unknotted) wire or elastic as required.

We give free, no obligation estimates for all our work. Some repairs and cleaning/polishing can be done straight away with most other repairs carried out within a week.

We are able to provide probate valuations to both solicitors and private individuals.


We can remodel your existing jewellery and assist you in the reuse of valuable stones and precious metals by redesigning your sentimental but out- dated jewellery and transforming  it into more wearable items. Past examples of remodelling include making rings into pendants, melting customer’s gold jewellery to make into bangles, and transforming a customer’s four stone diamond ring into a three stone ring and using the single diamond to make an engagement ring for her daughter.

We are also able to commission bespoke pieces and are more than happy to discuss customer’s ideas and requirements.

Our experienced jeweller will advise and provide free no-obligation estimates for the work involved.


Roger Russell also sell a range gift items in silver, silver plate and pewter, many of which can be engraved by our expert engraver names and dates are engraved free of charge on items purchased from us. We are also able to supply and engrave presentation trophies cups and medals. More specialist services such as repair and re-silver plating of larger items are available.